Who We Are

Long Advisory is a communication and digital marketing agency operating in China, founded in Beijing by an international team. It was born from experience in the European market, but it has evolved to follow the dynamic evolution of the Chinese market by focusing on the Chinese digital ecosystem.



To build trust and interest in your brand in the next largest market in the world: China.

As your partner, we will build a clear and structured organization together, that is essential for developing a solid synergy between you and the Chinese world.

Our knowledge of Chinese culture and its market will be the key to breaking down the cultural, linguistic, and legal barriers that hinder the growth of your brand.


These are the real protagonists; a team of Chinese digital marketing experts that Long Advisory has built to be at your service. They will make your brand accessible and recognizable to Chinese users, thanks to their in-depth knowledge of local people’s habits, attitudes, and local digital promotion techniques.


These are the people who will lead you through the entire process of making your brand recognizable and appreciated by Chinese consumers. They are the ones who will hand over your brand guidelines to Team China, to ensure an effective sharing of corporate values both from a stylistic and communicative point of view.

Enjoy our Team

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