Crocs Phenomenon in China

In a cultural trend that has taken China by storm, social media platforms are flooded with individuals proudly identifying themselves as followers of the “clogcore” movement. This term derived from Crocs’ iconic design, known as 洞门 (dòngmén) or “hole gate” in Chinese. Across different platforms, there have been thousands of posts associated with this trend, amassing a staggering total of over 1 billion views. Enthusiasts passionately encourage those who remain uncertain to embrace the trend wholeheartedly. Let’s discover the impact of Crocs’ phenomenon in China.

Crocs Phenomenon in China: Brand History

Crocs Inc., established in July 2002 by Lyndon Hanson, Scott Seamans, and George Boedecker, is an American company renowned for its distinctive footwear. 

Crafted using advanced technology, every pair of Crocs shoes boasts softness, comfort and lightweight feel, qualities cherished by Crocs enthusiasts. Suitable for both casual and professional occasions, Crocs footwear is perfect for any activity. With a global presence, Crocs has sold over 100 million pairs of its beloved footwear worldwide. 

“Clog Community” and “Ugly Shoes”

Firstly, we must say consumers are primarily drawn to clogged shoes due to their exceptional comfort. Enthusiasts of Crocs have formed a community known as the “Clog Community”, representing individuals who share a passion for wearing these comfortable shoes. 

Nevertheless, clog shoes have long been labeled as “ugly shoes” due to their unconventional shape that doesn’t align with mainstream aesthetics. Once considered the opposite of fashionable, Crocs’ classic, effortless slip-on clogs are experiencing a revival in China, particularly among young consumers. This resurgence is partly attributed to the famous social media platform Xiaohongshu.


Crocs Phenomenon in China: Statistics 

China has consistently stood as a fundamental market for Crocs, marking one of the brand’s swiftest expansions. The first quarter report of 2023 revealed a remarkable 110% year-on-year revenue surge in China for Crocs.

The increasing demand for Crocs’ synthetic footwear in China has led to a significant boost in sales. Michelle Poole, the President of Crocs, disclosed that in the latter half of 2022, the company experienced a remarkable 35% growth in total revenues in China compared to the previous year.

This expanding fan base in China has contributed to the brand’s optimistic outlook for 2023. Crocs has revised its revenue growth projection from 11% to 14%, estimating a range of approximately $3.9 billion to $4 billion. This positive trend brings the company closer to its goal of achieving $5 billion in revenue by 2026.

Behind the revival; Key Factors for Crocs’ success in China

Several factors have converged to revive Crocs’ popularity in China in recent years, with the most significant being the impact of the pandemic. With millions of Chinese people staying indoors during the outbreak and opting for comfortable attire over formal wear, Crocs seamlessly integrated into mainstream fashion.

The pandemic elevated Crocs’ relevance significantly. However, in a society post-COVID, it’s the aesthetics that propelled the American brand to viral fame and cult status in China. With the resurgence of early 2000s trends, young shoppers in China are embracing styles they consider “retro.”

One more factor contributing to the newfound popularity of these iconic shoes, especially among young consumers, is their ability to be customized. Owners have been adding charms to the clogs, inserting them into the holes of the slip-ons. This trend swiftly caught the attention of Gen Z, offering them a means to showcase their personality and individuality.

Crocs collaboration with Feng Chen Wang

The Crocs frenzy gained momentum through celebrity endorsements and exclusive collaborations with designers. Reshaping the American company’s image into a playful high-fashion choice. A recent collaboration featured Chinese-born, London-based designer Feng Chen Wang. Known for her futuristic fashion perspective, she infused her distinct style into Crocs’ classic footwear designs.

courtesy of: Feng Chen Wang

The Chinese Market Is The Road To Success

The resurgence of vibrant and customizable rubber clogs has allowed Chinese youth to unleash their creativity and expression. And it is thanks to young Chinese consumers the Crocs phenomenon revived in 2023, bringing the company an exponential increase in sales.

As a matter of fact, China holds the position of the world’s second-largest footwear market, making up 22% of the global consumption, following closely behind the U.S. Therefore China holds a significant position in Crocs’ global business. For this reason, increasing the brand’s popularity in the country is a vital factor for a successful long-term strategy.

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