Favorite Brands of each Chinese Generation

When examining the Chinese market, a prevalent error is treating it as a unified entity. With more than 56 ethnic groups and 23 provinces, not to mention diverse life stages and financial situations, the population exhibits distinct preferences in making purchasing decisions. Attempting to categorize everyone into a single group is impractical, but this overview provides valuable insights into the significant variations between generations.
Let’s see which are the favorite brands of each Chinese generation.

Different Chinese Generations

First, we need to understand the different Chinese generations we are talking about. 
Digital Natives, or Gen Z, are between the ages of 15 and 24. Then there are the Millennials, between the ages of 25 and 45. Lastly, we have Gen X with more than 45 years of age.

Favorite Brands of each Chinese Generation: Digital Natives

Gen Z’s choices are often strongly influenced by platforms such as TikTok or Little Red Book (the Chinese equivalent of Instagram). They actively look for value-for-money products online and strongly believe that “my clothing reflects my identity”. As a result, if a brand cannot offer a smooth online shopping experience or does not have a distinctive brand image, attempting to capture the attention of Chinese Gen Z is nearly impossible.

Gen Z’s favorite brands are: Brandy Melville (clothing store), Miniso (gift store), Mixue (ice Cream & tea shop) and Stussy (streetwear clothing store). 

MINISO, source: PR Newswire

Favorite Brands of each Chinese Generation: Millennials

Millennials are among the most influential consumers of luxury goods, but they exhibit two contrasting desires. On the one hand there are individuals who prioritize sophistication, appreciating brand heritage, quality fabrics, and consistently prioritizing overall quality. On the other side are those who prioritize “showing off”, purchasing luxury items with the goal of displaying status, often choosing flashy clothes. 

Millennials’ favorite brands are: Ralph Lauren (luxury clothing store), Jo Malone (colognes and home accessories store), Supreme (streetwear clothing store), Salomon (technical footwear store).

Salomon, source: Jing Daily

Favorite Brands of each Chinese Generation: Gen X

On the internet, there’s a Chinese slang that goes “中年有三宝”, which means “Middle-aged Chinese have three treasures”. And these three treasures Lululemon, Patagonia, Arc’teryx. These brands share a common attribute: durability and quality. Middle-aged consumers value athleisure clothing that enables comfortable movement, enhances appearance, and serves practical purposes. 

Gen X’s favorite brands are: Arc’teryx (apparel & accessories store), Moutai (liquor store), Louis Vuitton (luxury clothing store) and Lululemon (sportswear store). 

The unique preferences of brands within each generation underscore the importance of recognizing and meeting the diverse needs of Chinese consumers. 
Brands seeking long-term loyalty must go beyond stereotypes and engage with the real, everyday desires of each demographic group. If you want to cultivate lasting loyalty among Chinese consumers, there are no quick shortcuts. You need to know what each generation is looking for in a brand and delve into their desires. 
In this way, they can make meaningful connections and successfully navigate the intricate landscape of the Chinese market.

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