How to go back to China in 2023 and which relevant events to attend?

The new year has already started; China has reopened its borders to foreigners and the process of entering the country is straightforward. Let’s find out how to reach China and participate in the main events of 2023 in China.

In China, there are no longer very restrictive measures and there is no need to undergo quarantine once you enter the country. It seems the Chinese government is moving away from the Zero Covid Policy.

Let’s find out the essential steps to return to China without having to run into problems that could delay or, in the worst case, cancel your trip.

How to return to China and take part in the events in 2023

Currently two main variables determine your return to China: the visa and the molecular test.

As in the pre-covid years, to return to China, you must have a valid visa specifying the reason for your visit. Currently, it is possible to apply for three kinds of visas: working visa, business visa, and humanitarian needs/family reunification visa.

Regarding the molecular test issue, the Chinese government requires people from European countries to conduct a molecular test within 48 hours before travel.

Passengers are also required to enter the results of the molecular test within 48 hours before travel in the online form “Entry/exit health declaration card of the People’s Republic of China” via the WeChat mini-program “Customs Passenger Fingertip Service”, or via the website or the “Pocket Customs” application.

Once arrived in China, antigen tests will not be carried out unless there are visible cases of passengers manifesting fever or other symptoms. Knowing how to return to China is crucial, especially this year, when China will host many events and new Fairs.

Events and Fairs in China not to miss in 2023

The main exhibitions and events in China in 2023

One of the most famous fairs for international trade, where a wide variety of products are exhibited, is the China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair.

This occurs twice a year: in spring and autumn, each divided into three phases with different products on display. As for spring, this year’s dates are from 15 to 19 April, when items of electronics, vehicles, machinery, and building materials will be exhibited.

From 23rd to 27th April there will be articles on daily use and decorations for the home. The Canton Fair ends on the 1st and the 5th of May, when textiles, footwear, suitcases, free time, medicine, food and office items will be exposed.

In addition, Yiwu Fair is quite important for small objects of daily use; This fair is held once a year and will be held from 21 to 25 October and products that belong to new business trends are exposed.

The Sial Fair in Shanghai is the most important in Asia and third in the world for the food and beverage sector.

At this fair, producers and manufacturers of food, wine and spirits, and food equipment from China and abroad gather to present their latest products and trends and innovations. This year it will take place from 18 to 20 May.

Design fairs such as Design Shanghai, Design Shenzhen and Guangzhou Design Week are also extremely relevant for increasing visibility and coming into direct contact with the Chinese consumer for companies operating in the furniture sector

The fashion sector also sees important events such as China Fashion Week 2023 and the China International Fashion Fair, which will take place in August and exhibit the leading news and trends of the fashion and fashion sector.

Communication and marketing in China

An effective communication strategy considers two types of promotional activities: offline (fairs, events, exhibitions) and online (social media and website).

As in the philosophy of Yin and Yang, one balances the other. Consequently, to make an effective online communication activity, it is strategic to take in the main trade fairs (offline communication). The same goes for companies that do not integrate an online presence with an offline one. Long Advisory supports companies in creating online and offline strategies in China.

Long Advisory digital marketing agency in China

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