New Trends in China 2024 

In the ever-changing domain of social media marketing in China, being at the forefront is not merely a strategy but an imperative. As we anticipate the trends that will shape the social media landscape in 2024, one thing is clear: the future is ripe with innovation and opportunities.
From incorporating AI for unparalleled insights to the ascent of virtual idols, we’re unraveling the keys to maintaining a lead in the dynamic social media landscape.
Let’s delve into the new trends in China 2024 that brands with a social media presence should monitor. 

New Trends in China 2024: the importance of AI Insights

AI-based tools are useful for marketers as they open up about different tasks like counting data. According to surveys, 13% of Chinese companies have achieved remarkable growth and business transformation through AI. By 2024, nearly two-thirds of companies are expected to adopt an AI approach in at least one task.

A significant advantage for marketing teams lies in AI’s ability to accumulate large amounts of data. Using sophisticated algorithms, AI sifts through data, revealing patterns, trends and user behaviors. This frees marketing teams from the laborious task of manually aggregating data, speeding up workflows and allowing teams to devote more time and resources to strategic planning and creative activities.

Although AI proves to be a powerful tool, it is critical to recognize its limitations. AI cannot replicate human understanding and experience. Therefore, teams must supplement insights with a contextual understanding of business needs before making decisions. 

New Trends in China 2024: New Rules for the Brand Building Strategy

In China, brands are transitioning towards more tangible “brand building” endeavors, with the goal of establishing deeper connections and relationships with their customers. 

Rather than seeking to be revered by users, brands are now aiming to befriend them, alleviating the pressures in the relationship and fostering a relaxed atmosphere. The popularity of exquisite and high-priced products is increasing as they are demystified, showcasing the convenience of these products and the evolving social class dynamics. 

Users are not only purchasing products but also investing in the lifestyle they desire. Everyone associated with a product forms a community, and each user experiences a sense of participation, fostering a socialized connection.

New Trends in China 2024: ESG (Environmental Social Governance)

Brands are actively adopting ESG practices and using social media to create a new narrative to engage consumers. Prevalent themes in ESG marketing efforts are: carbon emissions reduction, ecological restoration, education, health, gender equality, cultural preservation, and humanistic care.

As part of ESG communication, the spotlight is on products, which take different forms such as innovative products and packaging recycling initiatives. Beauty and skincare brands commonly participate in “packaging recycling programs.” Internet and digital industry brands often focus on “product service upgrades” to meet societal needs.

ESG marketing is characterized by a trend of continuous extension and expansion, incorporating different moments, communication scenarios, and discussion topics, thus presenting increasingly diverse and substantial content.

WITHWHEAT brand lovers’ comments on its products, source: Kawo

New Trends in China 2024: Creative and Customer-Centric Content

It’s widely acknowledged that maintaining a constant flow of content is a necessity on most social media channels. However, with tightening marketing budgets, some brands have adopted innovative solutions that not only address resource constraints but also establish a more effective means of connecting with customers.

Brands across various industries, including fashion, food and beverage, are tapping into the potential of their employees to generate content for their social media channels. Companies with numerous locations and sales associates, which need content tailored to numerous consumer segments, rely on their employees to create social content. By doing this, not only is there no risk of going over budget, but hyper-localized content is produced that is specific to the regions where the employees creating it are located. In addition, this content will also have a format suitable for the target market precisely because it is created by those who know the customers. An example of this new vision of International Marketing 2.0 is the Bosideng brand, among the most prominent down brands.

Content generated by Bosideng brand employees, source: Kawo

New Trends in China 2024: the power of Virtual Idols

Virtual idols are emerging as an optimal solution to address the challenges faced by brands in scaling and managing celebrity endorsements, influencer marketing, and live-streaming in China. This trend was evident during China’s major shopping event, Double 11. Where virtual idols were extensively utilized, especially by brands targeting Gen Z users. Brands are not just partnering with established, independent virtual idols; they are also seizing the opportunity to create their own.

Navigating these evolving trends and a fiercely competitive market requires a clear starting point. Success in the dynamic digital landscape of 2024 depends on adaptability, innovation, and a deep understanding of the terrain of Chinese social media. Providing your marketing team with the right tools is essential to maintaining a competitive advantage and establishing your brand as a leader in one of the world’s largest consumer economies.

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