Long Advisory focuses on the main Chinese digital platforms, to make your brand strong and competitive in China.

Let’s deepen the most important digital ways to promote your brand in the Chinese landscape.

In China, social media and search engines known in the West do not exist. However, there are completely different platforms that shape the Chinese economy and society.


Social Network

A hugely popular app that serves as our WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Uber, Amazon, Instagram, Venmo, Tinder and much more. In addition to social media functionality, it is a very important tool in the daily life of every Chinese consumer.

In fact, through WeChat it is possible to shop, book hotels and flights, buy train tickets, make payments, find restaurants, find the love of your life, work, hail a taxi and keep up to date with daily news.

The WeChat video channel is a new feature where you can share short, Tik-Tok style videos and increase engagement with your Chinese user base

Importance for companies:


  • WeChat represents a strategic growth opportunity in the Chinese market for Western companies as it boasts:
  • over 1,450 billion users worldwide
  • 20 million official Accounts
  • A demographic of 53% men and 47% women
  • 46% of users in China shop online using the WeChat platform
  • 5% of the Chinese population uses WeChat
  • 78% of people aged 16 – 64 use WeChat in China

An app within WeChat has been made with the intention of developing e-commerce and micro-website functions without leaving the WeChat app. This is a strategic solution in terms of cost and functionality for Chinese customers.

A microblogging app comparable to Twitter or Facebook, much appreciated by the Chinese upper-middle class who make significant online purchases that are influenced by the most popular Chinese content creators who operate mainly on this platform.

Importance for companies:

  • Weibo is a relevant platform for reaching a more mature and stable, “white collar” target market in Chinese society.
  • Sina Weibo has over 570 million active users
  • 2 billion daily video views
  • A demographic of 45% men and 55% women
  • 64,000 posts every minute
  • 90% of traffic comes from mobile devices
  • High conversion and engagement rate in influencer and KOL collaborations

Very similar to the western Instagram and considered the leading Chinese visual digital platform, Xiaohongshu, also known as RED, is a Chinese social media and e-commerce platform. This platform allows Chinese users to share product reviews, lifestyle content, short videos, and photos.

Importance for companies:

• Xiaohongshu, also called RED, is a women-oriented platform; in fact, its audience is over 90% female.
• Strongly recommended for brands belonging to the F&B, cosmetics and fashion sectors.
• Over 85% of users are under 35
• F&B, fitness, animals and fashion are the most lucrative categories
• 100 million active monthly users
• 330 million registered users
• Millennials and Gen Z are the most active users on the platform
• Influencers & KOL collaborations are extremely effective
• 27% annual growth rate in terms of users

The original Chinese version of TikTok, called Douyin, has gained enormous popularity in China. As of August 2020, the short video app reached a total of 600 million active daily users, and today it has over 673 million users.

Importance for companies

  • Thanks to the Douyin app, the Chinese consumer draws inspiration and interest in a range of products and services
  • It was the number one most-downloaded app in 2021
  • Strongly recommended for brands in the F&B, cosmetics and fitness sectors
  • A demographic of 48% men and 52% women
  • The average Chinese consumer spends 26.2 hours a month on the app• Offers the highest purchase conversion in China thanks to collaborations with influencers
  • Audience age ranges from 16 to 45

This leading news app in China boasts over 260 million active monthly users and is very popular among older adults. Elegant and premium quality brands are the most successful on this social media platform.

Importance for companies:

  • TouTiao ranks highly for active user presence, with the average user spending about 76 minutes a day on the app.
  • 4000 daily news items
  • A demographic of 62% men and 38% women
  • 9 sessions per user per day
  • 445 yearly hours per user
  • 200,000 articles and videos published daily


Web Design

Web design is essential in communicating and promoting services and products to potential Chinese consumers.

We will follow your guidelines to design and build a new website in harmony with your corporate identity and tailored to the Chinese customer. We will develop customized graphics, considering the evolution of new trends in China.

Importance for companies:

  • Higher visibility
  • Customer loyalty
  • Brand Identity
  • Possibility of indexing
  • Competitive placement

Search Engine

In China, Google does not exist and the search engine market is dominated by the platform.

This Chinese search engine has the same features as Google but is mainly focused on Chinese users.

Importance for companies:

  • Possibility of indexing to Chinese users.
  • Over 1 billion daily searches from over 100 countries
  • 72.3% of Chinese users rely on to search online
  • 96% of Baidu users come from China.
  • Baidu advertising
  • 93% of mobile searches are done on

Seo & Sem

Website optimization is the leading Chinese search engine: We will create a website structure to increase organic traffic and select specific keywords to improve the website’s organic results in SERP.

We will define a marketing strategy and promote specific keywords to increase the website’s visibility on

Importance for companies:

  • Increase traffic to the website
  • Competitive placement
  • Customer loyalty
  • Higher visibility


Your website is not likely to be visible in China as the Chinese firewall prevents it from being used by Chinese consumers.

We re-create a strategic website by adapting your contents and design to Chinese users and web environment.

Importance for companies:

  • 20x website loading speed
  • Possibility of website promotion and indexing in Chinese search engines
  • Credibility in the eyes of the Chinese consumer
  • Fundamental tool for professionals
  • No VPN needed 

Digital Marketing

KOL & Influencer

Influencer marketing is growing rapidly worldwide and especially in the Chinese market.

Linking the image of Key Opinion Leaders to your brand could prove a successful strategy.


Long Advisory eliminates language barriers so that nothing gets lost in translation, thus making communication more congenial and effective.

Long Advisory has also set up a multicultural team of expert translators able to work in the context of extremely niche sectors.

Digital Media & Magazine

A key aspect of targeting audiences in China is to create collaborations and publications within digital sector magazines.

Thanks to our partnerships with prestigious magazines, we can support western brands to target the most suitable audiences for your products or services. Support for trade fairs and events in China

Fairs & Events

To attract new audiences and grow in terms of brand identity in China, participation at sectorial events and trade fairs may represent a great opportunity.

Our team in China will support you in creating content for the events you will attend online and offline.