Ski Apparel Market in China: Arc’teryx

The increasing passion for winter sports in China has led outdoor apparel brands to capitalize on the trend. While some are relying on livestreams, pop-up stores, celebrity endorsements, and collaborations to enhance sales, industry leader Arc’teryx is adopting a unique approach. Arc’teryx has introduced a compelling branded documentary titled “The Taoism of Ski Mountaineering” to celebrate the commencement of China’s peak ski season. Let’s analyze the leader of the ski apparel market in China: Arc’teryx.

Ski Apparel Market in China: Arc’teryx Brand History

Established in 1989 in Canada by local climbers, Arc’teryx continues to be a hub for individuals who share similar interests. The overarching objective at Arc’teryx is to craft equipment that empowers individuals to fully engage in the present moment, irrespective of external conditions.

Their design philosophy embraces simplicity as the solution to intricate challenges. This minimalist approach focuses on mitigating the impact of weather, streamlining usability, and enhancing overall efficiency to deliver an enduring outdoor experience.
Balancing both art and science, effective design emerges from a combination of instinct, discipline, and discovery. With a dedicated engineering team capable of creating innovative tools, our factory not only produces goods but also serves as a space for testing ideas and prototyping constructions.

Source: Arc’teryx

The Rise of Ski Apparel Market in China

As China enters the peak snow season, skiing enthusiasts are preparing for exciting adventures. Data from Tongcheng Travel indicates a remarkable 412% year-on-year increase in searches related to “ski” in December, underscoring the nation’s growing interest in winter sports.
By the year 2025, the winter sports market in China is anticipated to attract 50 million participants, establishing itself as a global leader. In 2016, recognizing the market’s immense potential, the Chinese government introduced the Winter Sports Development Plan, with the goal of establishing a robust RMB 1 trillion ($147.4 billion) industry by 2025.

The skiing industry’s rapid evolution has generated a notable increase in consumer demand for skiing equipment. According to December data from the Chinese e-commerce app Dewu, sales of skiing gear, encompassing jackets, boots, helmets, goggles, gloves, and more, witnessed a growth of over 14 times compared to the previous month. Notably, sales of skiing gear have exhibited an impressive year-on-year increase exceeding 120 percent. Arc’teryx, recognizing the unique needs of this niche demographic, has strategically positioned itself as a pioneer in addressing these distinctive requirements.

Arc’teryx Strategy

The unique approach that Arc’teryx took was unveiling a captivating branded documentary titled “The Taoism of Ski Mountaineering”. This documentary delves into the intricate connection between skiers and the awe-inspiring snow-covered peaks. Featuring three pairs of professional skiers, the film unfolds their distinctive mountain spirits through personal narratives.
In addition, the cinematic portrayal explores the genuine values that underlie skiing, including freedom, responsibility, and cultivating a deep reverence for nature.
In line with Arc’teryx’s fundamental mountain values, the documentary highlights the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. The campaign has gained substantial traction on social media, accumulating over 1.5 million views on Xiaohongshu. Overall, the film has been viewed over 16 million times across various platforms.

The Year of the Dragon Limited Edition

The Year of the Dragon is considered an auspicious time to undertake major life transformations. To celebrate this time, Arc’teryx introduced the exclusive “Year of the Dragon” line, which has quickly become popular, with jackets in particular being the most popular piece.

Source: Jing Daily

Moreover, Arc’teryx is elevating the retail experience by introducing the Arc’teryx Museum, touted as the largest eco-experience flagship store globally. Unveiled on January 20th along Shanghai’s Nanjing West Road, this store opening marks a significant step for the Canadian outdoor apparel brand as it expands its presence in the Chinese market through innovative marketing and retail endeavors.
As we can see, in contrast to brands primarily emphasizing social media attention, Arc’teryx places substantial emphasis on storytelling and community development. This strategic approach not only draws more individuals into the outdoor sports sector but also reinforces the brand’s dominant position in the ski apparel market.

Arc’teryx Xiaohongshu, Weibo and WeChat Profile

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