Qixi, also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, falls on August 22nd. Instead of showing signs of waning affection, high-end fashion labels are consistently captivating the affections of the local populace through well-crafted and multifaceted initiatives. These successful fashion campaigns for Qixi Festival ingeniously infuse contemporary charm into this age-old festivity. In contrast to other commercially-driven romantic shopping extravaganzas, Qixi is steeped in the rich soil of Chinese mythology. 

This aspect presents luxury brands with a unique opportunity to establish meaningful cultural connections. By doing so, these brands harmonize with the sensibilities of the modern young consumers who resonate with the concept of “guochao”, symbolizing a deep-rooted love for their heritage.


At the core of this festival lies a timeless love story that resonates with the Chinese people. It’s the tale of Niulang, an ordinary herdsman, and Zhinü, a talented weaver girl, symbolized by the stars Vega and Altair. Their love endures despite challenges.

They married and lived happily until Zhinü’s heavenly mother intervened due to their mortal-divine mismatch. To overcome their separation, Niulang ventured to the heavens but was met with a cosmic river—the Milky Way. Magpies empathized and created a bridge for them.

Moved by their devotion, the goddess permitted an annual meeting on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, commemorated as Qixi Day. This story underpins the festival, showcasing enduring love across boundaries and capturing hearts year after year.


Achieving triumph in a Qixi campaign necessitates a profound grasp of the festival’s inherent values and cultural traditions. Brands that manage to infuse these values into their initiatives establish a resonance with Chinese consumers that transcends surface-level interactions. This resonance, in turn, forms the bedrock for fostering trust and nurturing lasting loyalty.

Furthermore, an astute awareness of traditional customs and practices becomes pivotal for brands to craft messages that are not only effective but also respectful and well-suited to the occasion. 

In essence, the success of a Qixi campaign hinges on more than surface-level recognition of the festival; it relies on a deeper comprehension of its significance and an adept integration of its values into brand initiatives, cultivating a meaningful connection with consumers.


Similar to how numerous celebratory moments in Western cultures have evolved into heavily commercial ventures, the same transformation has occurred in China with the Qixi Festival. This traditional occasion has now blossomed into a significant shopping extravaganza. Notably, platforms like Tmall and Taobao have experienced an impressive 118% year-on-year surge in sales during the week preceding the festival. Remarkably, certain brands have achieved unprecedented sales records in the month of August, thanks to this festival’s consumer enthusiasm.

Moreover, the Qixi Festival serves as a prominent arena for luxury brands, particularly due to China’s robust recovery within this industry. The festival acts as a dynamic battleground where these high-end brands compete to capture the attention and patronage of the growing consumer base. Given China’s resilient resurgence in the luxury sector, this festival presents a valuable opportunity for these brands to showcase their offerings and establish a strong foothold in the market.


Valentino: #VLogoforLove

Valentino’s offering for the Qixi Festival of 2023, known as #VLogoforLove, is a thoughtfully curated collection of gifts encompassing handbags, footwear, and accessories. These pieces prominently showcase Valentino’s iconic VLogo emblem, adding a touch of elegance and distinction to the festivities. 

Alongside this Qixi selection, Valentino has introduced two succinct videos that delve into the multifaceted aspects of love, exploring its nuances within romantic partnerships as well as among close friends. This innovative move serves to enrich the emotional narrative behind the collection and align it with the festival’s themes.

A remarkable development for this year’s Qixi celebration is Valentino’s inauguration of a pop-up store on Xiaohongshu, a popular social commerce platform. This pop-up store provides customers with a direct avenue to access and purchase the exclusive Qixi pieces. Notably, this platform became operational from July 25th, further enhancing the anticipation and accessibility of the collection.

Valentino #VLogoforLove. Source: Jingdaily


In line with its distinctive style, Balenciaga presents a unique approach for Qixi 2023, focusing on the themes of spontaneous love and enduring relationships. The collection features streetwear pieces with a worn appearance, delicately embellished with embroidered heart outlines and the phrase “Je t’aime”. All the iconic Balenciaga bags and pumps are also part of the collection, transformed with maximalist elements such as pierced barbells, bow-tied ribbons, and pink leopard-print faux fur. The collection launched on July 21 in Balenciaga stores across mainland China and on their official website,, offering a fresh and artistic interpretation of love for the festival.

Hourglass bags Balenciaga. Source: L’officiel

Ferragamo: The Mahjong-Inspired “Game of Love”

Ferragamo’s Qixi campaign, titled “Game of Love”, expertly combines delicacy and visual impact. Inspired by traditional Chinese mahjong tiles, the campaign features a collection of ready-to-wear garments and accessories. Creative director Maximilian Davis weaves together symbols such as the number 22 (homophonous with “love” and the festival’s date), the Chinese character for love (爱), a red heart motif, and the word “forever.”

The campaign video stars Yang Zi and Jiang Qiming, leading actors in the C-drama “Lost You Forever”. Set against a backdrop of classic red, symbolizing festivity, the video depicts a mahjong game. Ferragamo ingeniously employs mahjong as a metaphor for the intricate game of love, showcasing cultural understanding and creativity.

Through the “Game of Love” campaign, Ferragamo not only demonstrates its design prowess but also its cultural sensitivity, converting the timeless appeal of mahjong into a visual representation of the complexities of romantic relationships.

Ferragamo’s Classic Prisma Handbag. Source: Jingdaily

Prada: A Poetic Love Series

Prada’s Qixi-inspired collection encompasses an array of items like bags, accessories, jewelry, and fragrances. The collection features unique pieces, including Symbole sunglasses in a fresh tortoiseshell color and Nano & Mini versions of the Eternal Gold line with unisex designs. Notably, a Saffiano leather travel bag has gained traction as a popular choice for men during the Qixi celebration.

The brand’s video campaign takes a poetic approach, starring actor and singer Tan Jianci and model Li Wen. The video elegantly reimagines the traditional Qixi myth through fading and merging visuals, culminating in a united portrayal. Prada’s Qixi collection launched on August 2, available both online and in select boutiques, combining artistic interpretation with cultural significance.

Prada’s Campaign for Qixi Festival 2023. Source: Jingdaily


Chinese consumers hold a deep awareness of their significance to brands, anticipating something extraordinary and unexpected during significant occasions like the Qixi Festival. 

The conventional approach of relying solely on celebrities and influencers, without innovation, does not meet expectations. Consumers shy away from tactics that appear overly commercial. Successful execution of crucial marketing campaigns, such as these, can produce lasting benefits in terms of sales and brand loyalty

The Qixi Festival represents an opportunity that brands cannot afford to overlook. In fact, it is critical for better results to have the goal of not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them and surprising consumers on these occasions.

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