Ralph Lauren Is Winning Chinese Hearts

Quiet Style Ralph Lauren in China

The Chinese market has seen growing investor and consumer demand and interest in foreign luxury brands, especially in recent years. In particular, a few specific brands have caught the attention of the Chinese more and, as a result, gained more prominence and profit. Some brands booming and increasing their success in China are Chanel and, […]

The Dragon Boat Festival: How to Celebrate It

Dragon Boat Festival

The “Dragon Boat Festival” is an important Chinese holiday passed down for generations because of its cultural relevance related to the roots of Chinese folk tradition. According to the Chinese calendar rules, it occurs on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. If we consider the Gregorian Calendar, the exact day of the holiday […]

The Power of 618 Shopping Festival

shopping festival 618 China

The 618 shopping festival in China holds great importance to Chinese customers. It strongly shows the influences that the consumer culture and tradition of China intertwined with the phenomenon of e-commerce have on the general population of the mainland, as much as to create a proper shopping festival celebrated from the 1st to the 18th […]

Gamers in China: A Possible Goldmine

Gamers in China are rising

It is widely known that the gaming market is one of the most thriving and profitable ones all around the globe. Brands are now teeming up with gaming society to expand their rate of influence, especially among the new generations. But as brands are now crowding into globally famous gaming channels like Roblox, Minecraft or […]

Interest in High-Luxury Brands In China

Luxury brands in China

In the latest years, China has seen an increasing interest in luxury brands, with a special focus on prestigious jewerly and watches. The Shanghai luxury data analytics company Re-Hub has stated this in its recent reviews on the matter. It took into account the market movements related to luxury brands in the latest months of […]

Western Stereotypes About China

Although stereotypes may offer insight into another culture, they tend to be more harmful than helpful, often leading to misunderstandings.In this regard, there are many stereotypes about China that have been invented by other countries and perpetuated over time and have become very solid.Let’s delve into what are some of the Western stereotypes about China. […]

TikTok vs Douyin: A Guide for Luxury Brands

With TikTok amassing more than 1 billion monthly active users and Douyin reporting 750 million, the short-form video platforms under ByteDance’s ownership are outshining their rivals. Douyin, often dubbed as China’s counterpart to TikTok, is establishing itself as a formidable presence within mainland China, characterized by its distinct Chinese cultural elements and preferences among local […]

China’s Chocolate Market

Over the years, Chinese preferences have undergone a transformation due to globalization and rising disposable incomes. Once considered a rarity reserved for special occasions, chocolate now commands significant shelf space in stores. China’s chocolate market presents an enticing opportunity for brands seeking to expand their global reach. Projections indicate that China’s Chocolate Market is poised to […]

Qingming Festival

The Qingming Festival, commonly known as Tomb-Sweeping Day, holds great significance in the Chinese cultural calendar as a time to honor and remember ancestors. Falling on the 15th day after the Spring Equinox, typically between April 4th and 6th, families come together to clean ancestral graves, make offerings, burn incense and paper items. Unique customs […]

Revenge Travel and Revenge Spending

The end of the long lockdown period has led to the emergence of two phenomena that have marked the Year of the Dragon since its inception. One concerns spending on tourism and travel, so-called “revenge travel”, and the other concerns people’s willingness to buy, “revenge spending”.The “revenge travel” symbolizes reclaiming missed opportunities and embarking on […]