How to make a website visible and fast in China


The most important solution and the first steps in reaching Chinese customers are to create a Chinese-optimized website for China that includes effective keywords and original China-oriented content. According to the World Investment Report released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, China was hierarchically the second largest beneficiary of foreign direct investment […]

2023 in China

China 2023 reopening Long Advisory

In recent weeks, China has relaxed the zero Covid policy measures implemented in the last three years, thus reopening the borders to the whole world. Is this the opportunity you’ve been waiting for? An important and long-awaited event for all those that have affairs with China. 2023 upon us, it is necessary to ask ourselves […]

The Role of China in the World Cup 2022

China at world cup 2022

China covered an important role in the World Cup 2022 event even if they did not qualify. It was the year 2002, the last time China took part in the world cup event. Since then, China has struggled to gain a place without any positive results. This year was the same story and only Japan […]

Mianzi and Guanxi, how to do business in China

Mianzi e Guanxi in Cina

It is well known that doing business in a country other than one’s own implies knowledge of certain cultural aspects that are deemed necessary for the negotiation. This is especially true in China, where one must be very familiar with the two concepts of 面子 (miànzi/face) and 关系 (guānxì /network of interpersonal relations), which refer […]

Beauty Economy in China: What is it about?


The influencer is one of the most fruitful jobs in China today, but in what field does it operate? That’s the beauty economy, recently one of the most influential economic phenomena. In the contemporary imaginary, China does not only represent a world rich in traditions and with a thousand-year history, but an avant-garde environment thanks […]

Social media world in China 2023


China has the biggest social media market in the world. Here is the list of the main social media apps in China. This market is quite different from other markets across the world in terms of the composition of its consumer base. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other leading international social media players, […]

KOL, Key Opinion Leaders IN CHINA


Influencers are extremely well known in the West but, in China we are talking about KOL (Key Opinion Leaders). Let’s find out who they are In China, influencers are more often called KOL, which stands for key opinion leaders. In addition to Western ones, they can be bloggers and in general people with high influence […]



A Chinese social media platform that combines shopping, e-commerce, original content, and reviews is Xiaohongshu (known in English as Little Red Book), founded in 2013 by Charlwin Mao and Miranda Qu to “inspire the future” and is considered the next Instagram Chinese. Let’s find out why! HOW DOES XIAOHONGSHU WORK? Users can post short videos, […]



Including over 1 billion products, Taobao is the largest e-commerce in China. Let’s find out how Jack Ma’s e-commerce works, Taobao in China. Ecommerce in China is a constantly growing market and according to in 2022 it reached the value of over 2,800 billion dollars and one of the main players in the e-commerce […]



Virtual Influencers are the future of online collaborations and in countries like China, they are already a reality. Let’s find out who are the main virtual influencers in China. Key opinion leaders (KOLs) have always played an important role in promoting a product, and if so far we are used to having human opinion leaders […]