Long Advisory: A Guide into Chinese Digital Marketing

China marketing agency, Long Advisory, is a guide into Chinese digital marketing for Western companies. The company collaborates with several prestigious universities around the world, giving many students and upcoming enterpreneurs the opportunity to delve into the world of digital marketing related to the country of China. Today we share part of the thesis project […]

How Western food is perceived in China

The Chinese culinary scene is diverse and reflects the local perspective on what constitutes good taste and an enjoyable meal. But Western cuisine has found its way into China, even if it often undergoes some modifications. To succeed in the Chinese market, companies must adapt and modify their “Western” offerings, but this does not mean that […]

Top 5 Chinese KOLs in 2023

In China, influencers wield considerable influence over consumers’ purchasing choices, leveraging strong and authentic connections with their audiences to your advantage. KOLs, or Key Opinion Leaders, are individuals recognized as authorities in various fields. Such as technology, health, nutrition, education, parenting, travel, fitness, fashion, or financial investment. With a substantial following, they hold sway over […]

Temu, what’s Behind Temu’s Sudden Popularity

Temu is an online store that sells budget-friendly products, often also called Shein’s rival low-cost e-commerce app. Temu is owned by Pinduoduo, a prominent Chinese e-commerce giant, and in 2022 it made its debut in the US, Australia and New Zealand. The success is evident from its wide spread, but what’s behind Temu’s sudden popularity? What […]

Singles’ Day in China

Singles’ Day, also known as Double 11 in China (or Guanggun Jie 管棍节 in Chinese), is the world’s largest online shopping event, surpassing even Black Friday in scale.  For businesses aspiring to participate in this phenomenon, understanding the significance of this day is essential. Therefore, meticulous preparation is essential for any company that wants to […]

Colors Symbolism in China

In China colors have a profound symbolism and meanings that extend beyond their aesthetic qualities. Each color is linked to distinct emotions and ideas. For instance, red conveys notions of luck, happiness, energy, and festivities, whereas yellow signifies authority, majesty, and affluence. Recognizing these color symbolisms is essential in business, especially when devising branding strategies […]

“She Economy” In China

The term “She Economy” (or “Sheconomy”) was introduced in 2007 to describe a growing economy driven by the increasing number of female consumers in sectors such as tourism, healthcare, food, beauty and wellness, culture, media and entertainment. This “She Economy” phenomenon is very common in China. The She Economy has a widespread influence on almost […]

Crocs Phenomenon in China

In a cultural trend that has taken China by storm, social media platforms are flooded with individuals proudly identifying themselves as followers of the “clogcore” movement. This term derived from Crocs’ iconic design, known as 洞门 (dòngmén) or “hole gate” in Chinese. Across different platforms, there have been thousands of posts associated with this trend, […]

Golden Week in China

This year’s Golden Week, which started on Friday 29 and ends on October 6, represents a unique celebration in that it coincides with both Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. The excitement of the Chinese for this extended vacation is evident because it is the first extended vacation period after the pandemic. Because of this, it […]


Why must Western brands adapt to the country’s culture to enter the Chinese market? Is there really such a big difference? The answer is yes. Here we share 5 tips for Western companies in China. 5 Tips for Western Companies in China: Insight on the Chinese market The Chinese consumer market is the fastest-growing worldwide, […]