Top Recent Co-branded Collaborations in China

In the world of online fashion, last year will be remembered as the year Pharrell Williams took over as creative director of Louis Vuitton Men’s and when the same fashion house collaborated with renowned arts artist Yayoi Kusama. Among other standout moments, the internet has been buzzing with excitement over brand collaborations in the last period. Here are the top most talked-about recent co-branded collaborations in China.

Top recent Co-branded Releases: Fashion Market

Sandy Liang x Baggu

Sandy Liang is a fashion brand based in New York City, while Baggu is a line of eco-friendly bags. Thanks to their popularity on TikTok, the Sandy Liang x Baggu collaboration swiftly became a viral sensation. Emphasizing affordability and style, it caused a frenzy upon its launch, resulting in quick sellouts and products appearing on resale platforms at twice the retail price.
Despite some initial backlash stemming from underestimated demand, the collaboration extended its sales period. Naturally, it thrived on social media channels such as Xiaohongshu and TikTok, with #sandyliang accumulating 3.1 million views and #bagguxsandyliang garnering 4.8 million views on TikTok alone.
Despite the hurdles, Sandy Liang and Baggu capitalized on their fan bases to create one of the most talked-about collaborations. The August release, featuring the highly sought-after Cloud Bag, quickly sold out, with resale prices exceeding $200 (1435.44 RMB) on platforms like eBay, highlighting the strong demand.

Source: Fashionista

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

The collaboration between French fashion house Louis Vuitton and the Japanese artist yayoi Kusama was on of the top co-branded collaborations in China. Showcasing an extensive collection featuring over 450 unique items.
Creating a massive stir on social media, especially on TikTok, where the hashtag #louisvuittonyayoikusama garnered an impressive 11.7 million views.
Consumers were treated to giant sculptures of Kusama towering over French buildings, Kusama robots diligently creating paint strokes inside Louis Vuitton windows. And sleek videos seamlessly integrating Kusama into the Tokyo skyline.
This collaboration transcended the realm of fashion, incorporating elements such as NFTs, branded cafes within retail spaces, and the launch of a book. This collaboration undoubtedly made a lasting impact at the crossroads of high fashion, art, and social media.

Source: Female Singapore

Feng Chen Wang x Nike

Feng Chen Wang is a Chinese-born, London-based menswear designer, while Nike is one of the world’s most famous sportswear brands. Their partnership showcased dresses and suits with ruffled outerwear construction, along with Air Force 1s adorned with blossoms.
The collection’s highlights were two neon finale pieces crafted from upcycled activewear, set to remain exclusive to the exhibition and not available for sale. Serving as innovative marketing designs to generate interest.
In a bid to authentically engage with their consumer bases in mainland China, Western brands like Ugg, Converse, and Nike are collaborating with Chinese designers. And Feng Chen Wang’s incorporation of numerous Chinese references makes her eponymous label a fitting choice. The hashtag #FengChenWang has garnered 190 million reads on Weibo, while #FengChenWangCelebrity, featuring celebrities wearing the brand, boasts 25.87 million views.

Source: Fashion Trendsetter

Top recent Co-branded Releases: Beverage Market

Fendi x Heytea

In a striking move that captured the attention of Chinese consumers, Fendi made a notable impact on Chinese social media with its surprising collaboration alongside the popular beverage brand Heytea.
The partnership immediately trended upon its debut on May 17. Roman brand Fendi and Chinese beverage brand Heytea have dominated platforms such as Weibo and Xiaohongshu with their collaboration. Images flooded social media of customers holding limited edition cups filled with the co-branded passion fruit and mango drink. The dedicated hashtag #喜茶fendi联名 on Weibo alone has amassed an impressive 32.6 million reads, accompanied by 8,662 organic posts. This collaboration not only highlights the successful merging of high fashion and beverage culture, but also demonstrates the viral impact of strategic partnerships in the ever-evolving Chinese market.

Source: Jing Daily

Louis Vuitton x Manner

Manner, the Chinese equivalent of Starbucks, enjoys considerable popularity in China, making it a perfect fit for Louis Vuitton. Renowned for its convenience to young consumers with its on-the-go coffee options, Manner is a readily accessible local brand that taps into the fast-paced urban lifestyle.
In 2021, Manner experienced exponential growth, opening approximately 150 new stores between June and October, swiftly becoming a household name. This vibrant bookstore collaboration, featuring co-branded coffee cups and interior design, follows a previous initiative earlier in the year to promote the Yayoi Kusama collection.
LV has been collaborating with Manner since 2018. Just three years after the brand’s inception, the current goal is to connect with Chinese consumers through the country’s thriving coffee culture. While Manner may not be a luxury label, it enjoys significant popularity in the mainland and boasts a reliable reach. The hashtag #Manner has amassed 18.99 million reads on Weibo. Although there isn’t a dedicated hashtag for this partnership, mentions have markedly increased on the platform due to this initiative.

Source: Dao Insights

Top recent Co-branded Releases: Cosmetics and Sport Market

Estée Lauder x Feng Chen Wang

Estée Lauder x Feng Chen Wang epitomizes the essence of self-expression. This partnership amalgamates various distinctive themes recurrent in Feng’s fashion lines. The Phoenix, known as “Feng Huang”, symbolizes the narrative of Chinese women and their voyage of self-discovery and evolution in identity. Within the collection, you will find a curation of classic Estée Lauder products alongside a palette boasting fresh hues meticulously crafted in collaboration with Feng. Embellishing this array of offerings is a unique decorative packaging reminiscent of the iconic elements found in Feng’s collections, such as Bamboo.

Source: Vogue Business

Grace Chow x NBA

The NBA brand has transformed into a widely recognized name in Chinese households. Approximately 300 million individuals engage in basketball across the mainland, establishing the NBA as the most followed sports league on local social media platforms, with an impressive 42.95 million fans on Weibo. Leading key opinion leader (KOL) Chow has recently partnered with this basketball intellectual property (IP). With 2.2 million followers on Instagram and 11 million on Weibo, Chow’s personal hashtag has garnered 55.97 million reads on Weibo alone. Her eponymous store holds the top spot in Taobao’s “European and American style women’s streetwear” category, boasting a current subscriber base of 4.1 million. Through her posts on the Grace Chow x NBA collection, she has linked the NBA IP with its national fanbase, elevating the prestige of Chow’s own brand in return.

Source: Jing Daily

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